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What to expect when your home is being tested


You will need to keep all of the windows and entry doors closed during testing.  Windows should be closed the night before the testing begins and remain closed for the length of the test.


You CAN use AC - on the recirculate mode; in-room fans - in other areas of the house but not in the room with the monitor and YOU CAN GO IN AND OUT of the house as you would normally.


Dehumidifiers may be run; fans should not be directed toward monitor.


You SHOULD NOT use window fans or whole house fans. 


You CAN use a wood stove but you SHOULD NOT use your fireplace and flue dampers should be closed.


If you have a mitigation system in place, it should run normally (systems should be checked every 2 years and often are verified when a home is being sold.)


Setting the monitor only takes a few minutes.  We will schedule a time convenient to your schedule.


AARST estimates 10 million homes are at risk from dangerous radon exposure.  If needed, reduction systems are relatively inexpensive; will effectively lower levels and eliminate peak fluctuations.  Accurate testing is the first step in the process to eliminate radon induced lung cancer deaths.  Think of a mitigation system as you would any home improvement -- because that's exactly what it is.  It's value added in every sense.





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